Love Is Blind Season 6 Is Here: Where Are Season 5’s Couples Now?

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Get ready to grab your popcorn! Love Is Blind returned on February 14th with season 6, and fans have been enjoying following the new couples. While we wait for the newest set of episodes, let’s answer one question: where are the couples from season 5 now?

Lydia and Milton

Lydia and Milton, married for over a year, continue to thrive with unwavering love and a solid foundation.

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They faced reunion challenges with grace, embraced new career opportunities, and are focused on building a future together, finding comfort and support in their relationship.

Izzy and Stacy

Izzy is prioritizing personal growth, reflecting on Love Is Blind lessons. In his new relationship aiming for marriage, he values being present with a calm and supportive partner.

Izzy Is on a Journey

Maintaining a friendship with his ex-Stacy, Izzy is focusing on his new relationship and career and enjoying a salary increase. Dating with marriage goals, he cares most about happiness, travel, and quality time.

Stacy’s Staying Private

Stacy is keeping her current relationship status private. Having left the show single, she values lessons in emotional openness and communication, deepening her bond with her father.

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Feeling misunderstood, she feels frustrated with online comments. She’s on a work break and focusing on a new side hustle. Hinting at a desire to connect with past Love Is Blind participants, she has considered joining a support group once things settle down.

JP and Taylor

JP returned to the firehouse after the show, playfully teased by co-workers about his reality TV stint. He’s been in a relationship for almost a year and is really enjoying it.

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Describing her as sweet and understanding, JP notes personal evolution in readiness for marriage and improved communication. This newfound openness has fostered trust and ease in sharing emotions.