Costco’s New Kit Kat Kit Makes a Gingerbread House You Actually Want to Eat

Instagram // @junkfoodjunction

Building gingerbread houses during the holidays is a total blast. These sweet creations, when done right, add a festive vibe, making them the ultimate showstopper on your holiday table. But let’s be real, who wants to munch on gingerbread? Enter the game-changer from Costco— make the design with zero gingerbread involved! Thanks to Kit Kat, now you are in for a treat.

A Holiday Must-Have

Costco’s dropping the ultimate holiday vibe with the “Christmas Break” Kit Kat Christmas Cabin Kits, and trust us, it’s more than just a want; it’s a need. This kit’s got everything, including all the colorful candies you can dream of and super easy steps to make it.

When your candy castle’s done, it’s break time to dive into your fave chocolate treat. That is if you can actually resist eating all the candy before you finish building.

Some Bad News

The Kit Kat’s Christmas Cabin Kit is about $25, and let us tell you, it’s the ultimate winter vibe for kids on a break! Fans are calling it a “new Christmas tradition” and a “must for this year!”

Instagram // @alison_l_blanchard

On the downside, though, this sweet Kit Kat kit is currently an Aussie exclusive (lucky Aussies!), as spilled by a visitor at Melbourne Costco. But maybe Santa’s got a plan to drop these Kit Kat Kits in America. If not, no worries; take it as inspiration for creating your own epic candy creation.