4 Amazing Ways to Keep a Loaf of Bread Fresh While on a Vacation

If you think about it, even a long weekend trip out of town needs proper planning. There is the typical planning, packing, and even cleaning so that you can return to a peaceful residence. However, these preparations should also involve the careful storage of all perishable foods. Here are just a few ways you can extend that rather short shelf life and preserve the freshness of your bread.

Proper Sealing of the Bread Bag

4 Amazing Ways to Keep a Loaf of Bread Fresh While on a Vacation

You know the bag that contains your sliced bread, right? Yep, it’s not good for long-term storage. Instead, experts recommend investing in vacuum-sealed bags because they remove oxygen from the surrounding environment, so mold can’t grow. You can give your bread a slightly longer shelf life this way.

Keeping it Cool

4 Amazing Ways to Keep a Loaf of Bread Fresh While on a Vacation

Under no circumstances should you ever place your bread on top of your refrigerator. This will cause it to become very stale, very quickly. According to specialists, putting your bread on the top of the refrigerator can cause paper-bagged bread to dry out, and plastic-bagged bread to mold significantly faster. As an alternative, you should keep your bread in a dry and cool part of your kitchen. If it’s not out where everyone can see it, you should put it in a cupboard or a drawer.

Add Honey to the Bread

Honey jar with blank paper label and wooden stick on table against green spring natural background

If you bake your bread yourself, experts suggest that you should use a natural preservative – honey. Many bakers use this method. You either add honey to the recipe or use it as a replacement for sugar. The end product is a confection with a flavor that is more persistently sweet.

Put Bread in the Freezer

Bread experts can do no wrong. Because of this, you should probably adhere to their recommendations regarding the storage of bread the next time you intend to travel outside the city. Freezing it also helps! It ensures it stays as fresh as possible for the longest amount of time. Yet, you should not do this on a single loaf. Instead, break it into large bits and then securely wrap each one in a piece of paper that is safe for the freezer. When you only want a small piece of bread, you don’t have to defrost an entire loaf like you would otherwise have to do. If you use this method, your bread will remain flavorful and fresh for as long as six months. With all that said, why not extend that trip by a week or two, knowing that you will be able to prepare a delicious sandwich when you return?